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Dr Nerina

“Dr Nerina has been an inspiration to me and my teams. Her calm and professional approach coupled with excellent practical advice is just what a high energy team like ours at Cisco really needs. The sessions she ran all round the UK and Ireland helped teams really focus on what was important for a sustainable and healthy team, life  and business. I think many of us are now feeling significantly less tired and maybe even slightly better wired!”  

Phil Smith
Chief Executive,  UK & Ireland
Cisco Systems

'I have had the privilege of working with Nerina since 1999 and she has supported in no small way with the rehabilitation of individual OH cases within the City environment and presented topical, tailored talks through multiple mediums to capture the needs of ever changing, demanding work environments. Nerina’s work, be it on an individual level or to an audience, is delivered with energy, enthusiasm, technical expertise and gives you positive, practical advice to use immediately in your everyday life"

Lucinda Huston,
BG GroupHealth Risk Manager/OH Manager

"I was looking for a speaker for our company conference as a way to introduce ‘wellbeing’ into the company. Nerina was recommended to me and when I met her I was instantly confident that she was the right person to launch our internal ‘Positive Energy’ campaign.   

Her presentation style mixes solid professional and academic knowledge with humour and energy which everyone can relate to. Following that initial success, Nerina is now working with us as a key component of our wellbeing initiative, delivering four further workshops throughout this year.

Nerina’s knowledge and input has allowed us to introduce the ‘wellbeing’ concept in a business focused way which has achieved senior level buy-in………I have every confidence in her delivering a very credible session every time and shes also great fun to work with!"

I am delighted to be able to recommend her"

Jane Holliday
HR Director - North West Europe, Energiser

'I have been to about 6 or 7 of Nerina's talks ranging from advice on nutrition and sleeping issues to working on being a more positive and happier individual. As soon as I met Nerina I knew that she had a gift for really communicating. She is able to understand not just at a professional level but on a life experience level how you might be feeling and show you effective ways of reaching your goals and aspirations. Whichever topic Nerina is talking about I have always had that same inspiring feeling inside to be a better person which I believe can not be taught and which is why Nerina is great at what she does.'

David Wakefield, Amlin Plc

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