Wow it’s been tough recently!  How are you feeling?

I’ve observed the waves of the emotional rollercoaster and immersed myself in it too  – fear and dread, then worry and anxiety, sadness, grief and loneliness.  But there have also been moments of peace, joy and even hope.  It’s been hard and we’ve all had to find our balance in it.  Many of us are even enjoying the deepening of our relationships and more authentic connection with others during the pandemic.

Have you managed to find your balance?  And if so, how have you done so? What have you done to look after yourself?  Are you doing anything differently compared to life pre-pandemic?

In my 50 odd years of inhabiting this planet, I’ve been through some tough stuff – serious personal illness, the sudden and traumatic loss of loved ones, the professional challenges that come with running your own business, relationships that don’t work out the way you planned, being a single parent to a teenager!  It’s not been easy but I’ve learnt that life will continue to throw me challenges and I’ve got better and better at bouncing back.  I now consider myself to be a master bouncer (!) but it’s taken some practice.  And, having worked with thousands of different types of human beings over the years I’ve also observed those who are good at bouncing back – I’ve studied them, copied them, obsessed about them!  And I’d love to share what I’ve learnt with you as well as hearing your stories of bounce back.

You see, I’m known to be a sleep expert and I enjoy helping people get a good night’s sleep but let’s face it, no amount of scented candles and thread count is going to get you that deep sleep if you’re not prepared to do the work on yourself in your waking hours.  This takes courage and tenacity…but the rewards are so many. We get the chance to live joyful lives and hey, we get that deep sleep we crave – and that feels good. When we’re prepared to work on our deepest pain rather than numbing out or self-medicating with food, alcohol, extreme exercise, sex, Netflix etc – the rewards are beyond our belief.  As the poet Kahlil Gibran said ‘ Your joy is your sorrow unmasked’ .


So join me on Thursday 23rd July at Midday for this FREE public webinar in which we’ll explore how we bounce back stronger, more resilient, alive and joyful human beings.  Just click on the link below to sign up …

Bouncing Back From Tough Stuff

Can’t attend live?  Join up and we’ll send you the replay.  Simple.

See you there.

Live Well, Love Well, Sleep Well,


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