5 ways to get better sleep

So many have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep in this heatwave. In case you’re not familiar with them, I thought it might be helpful for me to remind you of my 5 Non-negotiables for helping you to optimise your sleep quality and pattern and wake up with good energy. Many years ago, […]

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out (WUGUGO!)

This is a phrase that my movement coach and friend, Julie Angel, recently said to me. So, for the last few weeks I’ve been getting up as soon as I notice that I’m awake, as soon as I notice that my mind starts chattering. I wake up, I get up and I get out. (I’ve […]

Softly, Softly …. into the New Year

Some of you may have started 2022 feeling somewhat weary and even unsure of your resolutions for the year. And that’s ok. The other day, while out walking the dogs with my dear friend Carolyn, we talked about how we can feel so pressurised to start the New Year with hard resolve and intentions about […]

Finding Inner Safety

We’re coming to the end of another strange year. It’s been tough, tough, tough for many and some of you might have had moments of deep despair. I know I have. Many of us have faced grief and loss, loneliness, fear, worry and more but I’m hoping that, like me, you have also felt glimmers […]

Emerging Differently

I can’t believe that we’re already almost half way through this year. What an unbelievably crazy time it has been. And now we’re starting to get back out there again and how are you feeling? After everything we’ve been through in this last year, not surprisingly, we’ve all emerged in a different way. Most of […]

December 2020 – THE END OF A CRAZY YEAR!

For me personally it has been a year of many challenges and at the same time it has been a year of many important realisations and reflections. Professionally I have been privileged to be able to support thousands of people with webinars and keynote presentations – a privilege I haven’t taken lightly. At times it […]


What a year it’s been and yesterday the clocks went back.  I ended my week with a flurry of radio interviews about the clock change and how it’s likely to affect us.  To be honest, I’ve never thought the 1hr change to be a big deal; as human beings we’re adaptable and we need to […]


Whilst out on my early morning bike ride, I couldn’t help admiring the lush greenery all around me and thinking about ‘Thriving’.   Recently quite a few people have said to me ‘How are you surviving all of this?’ and I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  You see, when we’re merely surviving, we feel anxious […]


Wow it’s been tough recently!  How are you feeling? I’ve observed the waves of the emotional rollercoaster and immersed myself in it too  – fear and dread, then worry and anxiety, sadness, grief and loneliness.  But there have also been moments of peace, joy and even hope.  It’s been hard and we’ve all had to […]

FEELING SAFE (and Sleeping Deeply)

How are you feeling as we prepare to emerge from lockdown? During this challenging time, I have supported a great number of people with my webinars, podcasts and media interviews and I’ve noticed that we’ve gone through various waves of feelings and emotions – fear, anxiety, grief, dread, hopelessness and loneliness.  Recently there’s been a lot of anger and frustration.  And […]