Years ago, I gave a presentation on stress at a conference for dentists in Grimsby. During the session, I mentioned tooth grinding or bruxism. One of the dentists ‘kindly’ raised his hand and said ‘You do know you grind your teeth, don’t you?’ I was silently outraged ‘I’m a stress management expert here and I’m […]


Happy New Year and decade to you all! How has your year started? For many of us it’s been an intense start to the decade and the challenge has been to not become so overwhelmed that you lose your breath and get caught up in anxiety and panic. Because if you do, this is when […]


I wrote this on a flip chart when I was teaching on a Leadership programme last week.  A few (out of 30) people in the room looked shocked, sceptical and cynical.  Others looked curious.  Really?!   How do we come to work and rest?  We’re all doing too much, addicted to busyness and leaning in to […]

Rest, Reclaim, Reset, Remember…

‘Things that matter the most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least’. – Wolfgang vonGoethe  I’m hoping that by the time you read this you’ll have had a holiday.  How was yours?  Did you rest?  Did you manage to not get ill as soon as you stopped?  Are you now feeling restored and […]

Do we need sleep guidelines?

I was pleased to have the opportunity last Saturday to go on SKY NEWS to talk about the government’s proposed guidelines on hours of sleep we should be getting nightly.  On one hand, I feel it’s a tad ludicrous that such guidelines are being proposed – sleep is an innate ability after all and something that […]

Up, Up and Away

Recently I travelled to Hong Kong and back in 3 days to deliver two presentations at a Leadership conference. My schedule for the week was somewhat challenging: presenting on Monday in Coventry, flying out to HK on Tuesday, landing on Wednesday and presenting in the afternoon, flying out on Thursday morning and presenting in the […]

Happy World Sleep Day! Busting myths that sabotage your sleep.

Why has sleep become so complicated? We’re designed to spend a third of our lives sleeping – it’s something we do naturally and it’s in our DNA, but it has become so medicalised, medicated and measured. I’m speaking at a technology conference this week which is focusing on the measurement of health and no doubt, […]

Deep Roots, Deep Sleep, Deep Joy

The month is almost over and I haven’t yet wished you a Happy New Year. My apologies – pouring my words into book 3 (due for submission on 29th January) has left me a little stingy with my other precious commitments. So now I’m wishing you a year of deep restoration and joy. It feels […]

Sleeping with the Enemy

I’ve been prompted to write this piece because recently I seem to be seeing a lot of people who struggle to share their bed with their partner. I’ve also experienced this first hand and it’s no joke. Love and/or connection aren’t the issue. It’s simply about compatibility once you hit the sack (and not in […]

Holding Pattern

So far this year has brought me a great deal of fantastic work and business travel – I’ve been busy but I’ve loved it. On a recent business trip, the plane circled the airport in a holding pattern for over half an hour as it awaited permission to land. The movement of the aircraft made […]