I wrote this on a flip chart when I was teaching on a Leadership programme last week.  A few (out of 30) people in the room looked shocked, sceptical and cynical.  Others looked curious.  Really?!   How do we come to work and rest?  We’re all doing too much, addicted to busyness and leaning in to the relentless demand.  Can we become more creative about how we seek recovery even while we’re on the go?  I know we can and we have to.  And I know what a difference it can make to the quality of your energy as you go through your day, when you get home in the evening to the best part of your day with the people you love and when you sleep at night.

Here’s how to come to work and rest:

Every 60-90mins seek recovery for 3-5 mins – do something different from what you were just doing.

Try one or two of these:

  1. Get away from your desk and screens
  2. Stretch out your neck and shoulder.  Shake out your arms and hands.  Relax your eyes and face.  Soften your jaw. Relax your belly
  3. Take 3 conscious deep in-breaths into your belly
  4. Walk up and down a flight of stairs or around the block
  5. Gaze out into nature or look at a picture of nature or close your eyes and imagine a picture of nature
  6. Think loving thoughts about someone who might be going through a tough time
  7. Go to the toilet without your phone
  8. Drink a glass of water and/or eat something healthy
  9. Hug someone (preferably someone who wants to be hugged)
  10. Make eye contact and smile at someone

Repeat in 60-90mins

Yours in amazing health and energy,


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