21 days to Creating Optimal Sleep and Amazing Energy – COMING SOON

  • Last Update October 7, 2021


Comprising a series of modules which take the individual on a journey through the unique methodology that I have created in over 25 years of helping people to sleep.

Topics for this course

44 Lessons

Introduction to the course

My background and story – my own history of insomnia
Where my unique methodology has come from
Why is sleep important?
The most common sleep problems
Are you ready to take reclaim your right to deep sleep?
What to do (and what not to do) if you’re on sleeping tablets
Creating your Intention before you embark on my programme
How to use the programme and what to expect
Medical disclaimer

Module 1 – Myths and Misconceptions

Module 2 – Things you need to know about sleep

Module 3 – Let’s get to work!

Module 4 – Small things that can really make a difference

Module 5 – Live well, love well, sleep well?

Practical exercises that can take your sleep to the next level

Module 6 – Common questions

The Grand Finale – How are you feeling now?