December 2020 – THE END OF A CRAZY YEAR!

For me personally it has been a year of many challenges and at the same time it has been a year of many important realisations and reflections. Professionally I have been privileged to be able to support thousands of people with webinars and keynote presentations – a privilege I haven’t taken lightly.

At times it has been tough, lonely, heart breaking, scary, draining – all of the things people tell me in my sessions with them and all of which I’ve felt myself. But there have also been so many glimmers and glimpses of hope. I don’t mean this in a happy clappy deluded sense but I’ve genuinely witnessed and experienced profound moments of optimism and gratitude in which:

– We are connecting with each other more authentically and meaningfully – more ‘human to human’ interaction as I recently saw it referred to on LinkedIn.


– We can now work remotely and make it work for us if we choose to do with mindful and conscious boundaries


– Some of us have been able to spend more time with our children. Some of us (including me) have reset our relationships with our children


– As we seek to break up the rhythm of our groundhog days, some of us have rekindled or found new hobbies – I’ve returned to my tabla drum practice. I practice imperfectly and delight when I manage to hit the odd perfect note!


– Many of us may be feeling a deeper sense of appreciation for small things which we were previously taking for granted


– Some of us have worked harder to take a deeper sense of responsibility for ourselves and our mental health. I’ve learnt how to use the word ‘help’ more and I’ve taken up wild swimming (brrrr!) not as a show of bravado but with a sense of wonder as I experience the profound healing impact it has on my nervous system
– And (I am a sleep expert after all) many of us have been dreaming more than usual – wild, crazy, bizarre dreams as we finally get the chance to delve deeper into our subconscious and recover those lost parts of ourselves, those parts that had become drowned out by noise, speed, demand and overflowing inboxes.
It’s been a profound year! We’ve all had a BIG reset….whether we like it or not.

So….what has this year meant for you? Have you grown stronger? If you allow yourself to, can you find meaning in the adversity?

I really invite you to spend some time doing this over the festive period. After all, it looks like it’s going to be a quiet one for most of us. Why not take some time for inner work and reflection. Press the pause button and allow yourself to see that even in the heartache, some good will have emerged. Then take some time to soak in it.

Let us choose to enter 2021 and New Normal – whatever that’s going to be – as more conscious human beings who can thrive even in adversity. No more survival – let’s be done with that.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best for the festive season,

Live Well, Love Well, Sleep Well


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