Emerging Differently

I can’t believe that we’re already almost half way through this year.

What an unbelievably crazy time it has been. And now we’re starting to get back out there again and how are you feeling?

After everything we’ve been through in this last year, not surprisingly, we’ve all emerged in a different way. Most of us have had to be more introspective. Some of us have had to face our demons in ways we’ve never done before – and it hasn’t always been comfortable.

It wouldn’t be surprising if getting back out there feels a bit scary. We’ve become more sensitive and sensitised. Our nervous systems more receptive, less numbed out, we hear more, see more, feel more.

For me, a visit to a restaurant opening over the weekend was fun – a chance to dress up and socialise – but hell it was loud. I felt hungover the next day and I’d only had one glass of bubbly.

I definitely feel different to the person I was last year. I’ve experienced personal loss, a significant change in my family living situation…and some surprising gains, notably Mira the rescue pup from Cyprus. Some relationships have fallen off, others have changed and deepened and there are some delightful new ones too. I feel I have emerged in a different way. Stronger, more grounded, more resilient and by this I mean even more equipped to deal with adversity. I’m feeling an emergence of hope and optimism even though life is far from perfect and the world still feels fraught with uncertainty and unknowns.

Suppose this last year – challenging as it has been – has been a vital and necessary stage of our evolution?

What if it has been an opportunity for us to delve deeper into ourselves to find our true source of safety – because we had become so accustomed to looking ‘out there’, reacting to life rather than responding to it?

What if all of this pain, grief, loneliness and loss has been an opportunity for us to cultivate deep faith, for us to find a deeper sense of inner safety so that we can thrive amidst the chaos, uncertainty and confusion?

I believe it has been.

We are individuals who are just emerging from social isolation but throughout, at the heart of it, we are all one, we are all connected. Let us emerge with a deeper sense of appreciation for this interconnection. Let us smile more, hug more, be more real, authentic and heart-centered with each other.

If there’s one thing we learnt from this pandemic, it’s that we’re all connected and that each of us has the potential to affect the other. It is time to start a new and positive contagion – one of hope, joy and optimism – our children need it if nothing else. According to chaos theory, it’s the tiny things that have the potential to change the world. A butterfly flaps it’s wings… Each of us has the potential to make a difference…if we are prepared to emerge differently.

What unexpected lessons and blessings has this last year brought for you? Have you emerged differently from the chaos?

And hot off the press from my end, I have some good news:

  1. The wonderful Polly Buckley has just joined my team as my virtual assistant. The timing could not be better and I’m so happy to have Polly supporting me and my work going forward.
  2. My Amazon Audible meditations have just been released! 12 meditations that were recorded in my lockdown recording studio (aka my dining room) which are now available for you to download if you’d like to hear my dulcet tones helping you to sleep, deal with stress and simply cultivate more joy in your life. I’d be delighted if you check them out.
  3. My 4th book, Feeling Safe, has been commissioned by Wiley Publishers and is due for release Spring 2022 so I’m head down and writing every opportunity I get.

That’s my news for now. Take care and stay safe. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed when you’re out there, try to stay in the safe container of your body. And how do you do this? Simple – keep feeling your feet and then, maintaining this awareness, notice your breathing. That’s it – no equipment needed. Feet and breath. This will ground you and stop you flying up into your head and panicking. Hope this helps.

Wishing you a hopeful and happy emergence!


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