Happy New Year and decade to you all!

How has your year started? For many of us it’s been an intense start to the decade and the challenge has been to not become so overwhelmed that you lose your breath and get caught up in anxiety and panic. Because if you do, this is when your sleep can take the hit.

You get into bed and you just can’t let go of the day, tired but wired and unable to fall asleep. Or you wake in the early hours sweating, mind whirring, worried and fearful, unable to get back to sleep. Or you sleep fitfully and it’s not restful so you wake up feeling exhausted, as if you haven’t slept at all. Or a combination of all of the above.

Early in the morning last Monday I was on a flight to Dublin to deliver two TEDx-type presentations at a conference. Mid-flight we were caught in a ferocious storm – I’m a good air traveller and usually sleep through turbulence but this time I felt afraid and my mind started racing. Am I going to get home to see my daughter tonight? Sensing my growing panic, I did all that I could do in that moment and breathed deeply into my belly, prayed and felt my feet on the ground. A sense of ease and peace entered my body and I felt as if I were right in that still point in the eye of the storm. Thankfully we landed safety, my presentations went really well (even if I say so myself) and, most importantly, I hugged my daughter hard when I got home late that night. I was safe and I slept like a baby.

Our world is changing and moving so fast, there’s so much uncertainty and chaos. More than ever we need to feel safe and secure and I’m not talking about out there. I’m talking about in here; there’s a limit to how much direct control we have over what’s happening out there but what we can do is create an internal core of safety so that we don’t get blown over in the storm.
And how do we do this? We have to find our still point in the eye of the storm. Here’s a simple inner safety-creating exercise you can do regularly throughout the day.

  • Breathe deeply and feel your feet on the ground. Can you relax your feet? Can you feel them soften and spread into the ground? Try it.
  • Wriggle your toes – in your shoes or with bare feet (even better). Breathe deeply again. Sigh out loud feeling yourself drop down into your hips and bottom if you’re sitting. If you’re standing, soften and bend your knees slightly, sigh and drop down into your feet.
  • Repeat as many times as you need to and try to hold the awareness of your lower body and feet as you go about your day.

The more often you get out of your head and back into your body, the more resourceful you’ll be in the face of challenge, the less stressed – and the better you’ll sleep at night. We sleep deeply when we feel safe.

This year I will continue to help you have that amazing sleep and energy that you need to navigate these challenging times. There will be a particular focus on sharing tools and resources for creating the inner safety that is vital for deep sleep.

So I’m delighted to announce that in April 2020, I’m launching a series of monthly webinars that you can attend either live or you can listen to at your leisure when you receive the replays.  The series is entitled Live Well, Love Well, Sleep Well.

The first webinar is being launched early in April and you can sign up to attend in the next blog that you’ll receive from me in two weeks’ time.  But you can also email to register your interest and we’ll ensure that you receive all the details.  (I promise I won’t flood your inbox – that’s the last thing any of us needs at the moment!)  Each webinar is £30 so it’s a perfect gift for you or someone you know who really needs it.

Until then…

Live well, Love Well, Sleep Well


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