What a year it’s been and yesterday the clocks went back.  I ended my week with a flurry of radio interviews about the clock change and how it’s likely to affect us.  To be honest, I’ve never thought the 1hr change to be a big deal; as human beings we’re adaptable and we need to trust in our resourcefulness.  Just look at what we’ve had to deal with this year!

However, I do believe that this change is an excellent opportunity to reset.  We went into the pandemic running in overdrive, doing too much and living in the wrong part of our nervous system in survival mode.  Can we now use the seasonal shift to take a deeper sense of responsibility for ourselves?

I’ve been supporting thousands of people throughout these challenging months and my message seem to keep coming back to the same point: we need to become more conscious of the choices we’re making so that we’re responding to life rather than continually reacting?  Now we have the opportunity to navigate differently in our relationships with ourselves, others, work and life in general.  Can we take this opportunity?

Here’s a simple practice that I use every day and have been recommending to everyone I’ve worked with this year and so many people have told me what a difference it makes to their days:

Start your day mindfully.  Even before you open your eyes take a deep breath in, breathe out and ask yourself ‘How am I feeling right now?’  And then move in to your day from this place.  You might choose differently.  And you might find that your day unfolds with more ease and grace.  You might even sleep more deeply.

We deserve to do more than survive.  Let’s choose to thrive.

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