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I am fascinated by the world we live in today- its frenetic pace and how it has stretched the limits of our physiology. Too many people are running in survival mode and it is time for us to make different – and conscious – choices if we want to survive.
Over 25 years ago I noticed that the speed of technology, globalisation and competitive demands were having a negative impact on many of my clients in ways that I hadn’t quite anticipated from my academic research. My clients complained of fatigue, insomnia, stress and burnout. The quality of their personal lives was abysmal and they struggled to find motivation and spiritual connection in life.
My work is dedicated to helping people and organisations to thrive, sleep more deeply and live more joyfully.

And these have been my own personal life challenges too. Physician heal thyself. The irony is that at the same time, I was deeply embroiled in my own personal struggles.  At the age of 31 I crashed and spent a month in a psychiatric hospital.  I emerged with the labels of ‘bipolar disorder’ and ‘complex PTSD’ and for the next few years struggle to find happiness and meaning in my own life.  Until, at the age of 34 and as a result of making some big life changes, something in me shifted and I found that elusive inner peace that I’d been craving.  I now no longer consider myself to have any clinical labels.  Life continues to bring me challenges and occasional heartache – as it does for us all – but I now have a strong inner core of resilience and safety that enables me to thrive even in tough times.

And what am I doing to create this?

As I embarked on my healing journey I learnt that I had to make different choices.  I also noticed that by teaching others about these choices I could help them to thrive and overcome adversity.  Another big irony was being headhunted, years later to work at the same clinic where I’d once been a patient.  

I gain great satisfaction from working with people who feel burnt out, stuck, sleepless and hopeless – and helping them to find the energy and inspiration to move forwards in life with hope and joy – and to sleep too.  

My approach is always practical and often light hearted.  I use a combination of science, philosophy, practical insight and – where appropriate – humour, to share profound and sometimes serious concepts.  

Our world has become a fearful and uncertain place.  Too many people are feeling sad and unsafe.  My belief is that we’re here to be joyful, to find joy and to spread joy – whether by it’s by being an amazing parent, leader or simply by getting a good night’s sleep.  And one of my main drives in life is to help others to do just this which is what I have been doing for over twenty five years.

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